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The East Bay Church of Religious Science now has an open pulpit for a new Senior Minister. This new Senior Minister is to lead our community, which is committed to being a point of empowerment allowing Spirit to direct every thought, word, deed, and action for personal transformation. As a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living, our purpose is to make available the knowledge and practice of the Science of Mind to all people by fostering their spiritual, cultural and general well-being, and to provide facilities for public worship, education and fellowship.

We embrace Science of Mind as a metaphysical teaching that blends spirituality, science, and practical application. As we focus on the positive aspects in our lives, as a practice, we find that we begin attracting experiences similar to those that we’re currently focused on. By monitoring our thoughts and choosing the ones to take residence in our minds, we’re creating our lives made manifest. In the words of Science of Mind founder, Ernest Holmes: “Change your thinking, change your life.”

We invite you to review this EBCRS Senior Minister profile packet.  Please be aware that this process will be held in strict confidentiality. We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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East Bay Church of Religious Science (EBCRS) is located in the city of Oakland’s rapidly growing Temescal neighborhood.  As a member of the national Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL), EBCRS’ purpose is to make available the knowledge and practice of the Science of Mind  (SOM) philosophy to all people by fostering their spiritual, cultural, and general well-being, and to provide facilities for public worship, education, and fellowship.  EBCRS is a diverse, inter-generational community that started in 1973.  We welcome all people and honor all paths to God consistent with our vision of embodying a consciousness of love and service that transforms the world. EBCRS has a current membership of 300, more than 40 licensed practitioners, a host of ministries, and great potential for continued growth and community impact.


The East Bay Church of Religious Science is seeking a global visionary leader with the wisdom to inspire, pastor, teach, and grow the membership.

The Spiritual Leader is the Chief Spiritual Officer of and provides vision and leadership for East Bay Church of Religious Science (EBCRS), and is its primary voice, face, and spokesperson in the greater local community and in the international Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL). He/she is grounded and clear in his/her understanding, living, and teaching Science of Mind through local speaking engagements and use of all available media. The Spiritual Leader cultivates strategic alliances and partnerships that support and advance the intentions of EBCRS. Science of Mind (SOM) principles, and provides guidance by example for the spiritual development of the EBCRS congregation.

The Spiritual Leader works in collaborative leadership with the Board of Trustees and other staff members and volunteers to guide and evolve the activities of EBCRS and its various ministries. The Spiritual Leader is a voting member of the Board of Trustees, but not its President. He/she is a transparent, accessible leader who maintains clear communications with the EBCRS leadership and congregation.

Personable, dynamic, professional, and articulate, the Spiritual Leader also represents the vision and intentions of EBCRS and disseminates the principles of SOM as widely as possible

The Spiritual Leader is a full-time, salaried position, accountable to the members of EBCRS through their elected members on the Board of Trustees. The contractual relationship of the Spiritual Leader and EBCRS is managed by the Board of Trustees, which performs regular performance reviews, makes salary and benefits decisions, and provides supervision and direction..


Spiritual Leadership

  • In cooperation with the Board of Trustees, develops strategic goals for the Church including classes, special events, membership growth contributions, member engagement and Sunday service attendance.
  • Works with the Board and other administrative staff and volunteers to ensure overall smooth, efficient and effective Church operations.
  • Supervises other Church ministers as well as all licensed practitioners and practitioner interns, including ongoing education and regular development meetings; encourages, grows and develops the Church’s practitioner core.
  • Guides, inspires and leads staff and volunteers to work toward a strategic vision and supports them in achieving it; fosters an open, supportive environment that motivates and encourages others.
  • Reports to and meets regularly with the Board of Trustees and recommends changes to the Board for action.

Sunday Service

  • Leads uplifting, educational Sunday service including music, practitioners, guest speakers, etc.
  • Delivers inspiring talks that bring Spirit to congregants in an impactful, meaningful way.
  • Monitors attendance and feedback to foster growth and identify continuous improvements to Sunday morning experiences.


  • Selects and schedules all classes, focusing on SOM courses; adapts and expands material for various learning styles and variety.
  • Teaches classes; coordinates and supervises other class instructors as needed and appropriate.
  • Oversees curriculum and programming choices for the youth and teen programs and supports program leaders and teachers.

Pastoral Care

  • Provides pastoral care to all members in need, which may include referring members to practitioners or other resources as needed for ongoing support.
  • Maintains a visible presence and is available to members outside of Sunday services and classes.

Communications and Public Relations

  • Communicates regularly with the EBCRS membership through vehicles such as email newsletters, website updates, printed material and other media.
  • Serves as the face of EBCRS in the local community and participates in local events as the leader of the EBCRS spiritual community.
  • Identifies opportunities for outreach that enable EBCRS to be of service to the community while raising awareness of EBCRS and SOM teachings.
  • Is accessible to congregation and community through regular office hours.

Relationships with CSL

  • Stays abreast of and keeps the Board of Trustees informed of CSL activities and services and opportunities for EBCRS engagement.
  • Ensures that EBCRS ministers’ and practitioners’ credentials are accurately tracked.
  • Attends CSL annual conferences and regional events as agreed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Builds relationships with leaders of other SOM and New Thought groups in the region to create new opportunities for sharing and collaboration.


  • In-depth knowledge of Religious Science principles and teachings and familiarity with a variety of other spiritual traditions new thought/religious teachings and spiritual practices.
  • Demonstrated strong commitment to living and modeling Religious Science principles.
  • Exceptional leadership, strategic vision and ability to inspire and mobilize others to attain envisioned goals.
  • Outstanding communications and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly effective teaching ability that enables broad extension of SOM principles and practices to varied audiences.
  • Strong track record of fostering and practicing inclusivity and appreciation of all types of diversity.
  • Open and approachable leadership style with a strong, inclusive, team orientation.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective, collaborative working relationships with diverse groups including the Church’s Board of Trustees, ecclesiastical staff, practitioners, members/congregants and other faith communities, etc.
  • High levels of drive and self-motivation.
  • One who is adept at business and possesses management skills to maintain and grow the center.
  • Focused on spiritual activism that empowers social upliftment.


  • Ministerial Degree from Centers for Spiritual Living and/or related degree in New Thought theological studies plus willingness to become CSL certified within two years.
  • Organizational administrative and managerial experience.
  • Experience with managing operational budgets.

Experience leading a church or significant ministry in a church or center, delivering sermons, teaching workshops, pastoral care and community activism


A competitive salary for the Senior Minister position will be commensurate with the selected candidate’s background and experience.   A benefits package is also available subject to negotiation.

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