Ecclesiastical Support Leadership Team

Interim Minister

Reverend FranCione, Ph.D

We are pleased to have Rev. FranCione join the East Bay Family as our Interim Minister.

Rev. FranCione, Ph.D. is Minister Emerita, Oakland Center For Spiritual Living (OCSL) and 30 years Minister, (CSL) 2016. At OCSL, Dr. FranCione joins Staff Ministers speaking for Sunday Celebrations and  Wednesday Evening Satsungs (engaging audience in dialogue). Dr. FranCione teaches all CSL Certificated Classes and spiritual workshops using the arts. A professional curriculum writer, Dr. FranCione infuses existing classes or creates courses  on wisdom & cultural experiences of African Americans, African Philosophy & Black Church as well on Inclusiveness and Diversity  promoting Love and Justice for all.

During the past year, Dr. FranCione extended her life long passion to ensure equity leading OCSL’s SUM (Social Uplift Ministry) Brought together members of OCSL to meet and work with Oakland City Council’s Chair Rabbi Rebecca Kaplan and District Representative to serving people without homes as well as to  eradicate racism by serving with Dr Roy Wilson’s MLK Jr. Freedom Center .  Both Kaplan and Wilson have spoken to and engaged in discussion with a sizeable number of OCSL members, now committed to engage in the community. Prior to leading this work, Dr. FranCione volunteered for three years with CSL’s Curriculum Design Team to design new curriculum.  Dr. FranCione’s focused on Diversity & Inclusiveness.

Dr. FranCione is Founding Spiritual Leader/Director of the Sacred Arts & Living Center (a CSL Teaching Chapter) 2012 — it was a Sacred Arts Center (A UCRS Study Group from 2005-2011)  SALC has led a monthly Practitioners Diversity Book Club — conducting weekend Diversity Workshops with Northern California Practitioners in concert with Holmes Institute at Heart & Soul CSL (2012, and, led weekend workshops  with Practitioners at the then First Church of Religious Science (aka OCSL) 2013. These experiences were the result of Dr. FranCione’s being called to support conflict between Black & White students attending Holmes Institute Santa Rosa Regional Center. Several ministers joined me in designing Holmes Institute’s Psychology 606 Course -Diversity & The Ministry (2014) required of all ministerial students.

Dr. FranCione was minister of CSL Davis (2010); Minister of Prayer Chaplains,  Christ Unity Church, Sacramento (2005 to 2008) ; Director of Education, Home Holmes Institute, UCRS Home Office, Los Angeles (1999 to 2004);  Holmes Institute, Regional Dean and Assistant Minister at Pacific Church of Religious Science, San Diego (1997-1999); Director,Youth & Family Ministry, East Bay CORS, &  Director of Arts Entertainment Academy (Teacher: World Cultures & Craft) Castlemont High,  Oak)  (1995-1998); Sr. Minister, San Francisco CORS (1992-1995), EBCORS (1992 EHCollege Northern Cal  Dean (1991-1992) Minister, Youth & Family Minister (FCORS 1989-1991) Research Associate, Early Childhood Education &  Program Director, Responsive Education Program, Far West Laboratory for Education Research & Development (1966- 1985).   

Published: 1978 Responsive Basic Skills Handbook for Teachers & Parents.

Education: SFSC, Calif. MA 1978; Union Institute University, Ohio PhD Educational Administration, Staff/Personal Development, Multicultural Learning) 1983.

Assistant Minister

Reverend Anthony C. Jackson

Rev. Anthony C. Jackson is Assistant Minister at East Bay Church of Religious Science. Joining the East Bay Church of Religious Science in 1994, becoming a practitioner in 2004, and graduating from Holmes Institute in 2009, earning a Master’s degree in Consciousness studies. This was followed three years later by becoming an ordained minister of Religious Science, a metaphysical philosophy.

Rev. Jackson currently heads up  several ministrys at the East Bay Church of Religious Science, while continuing to be available for the East Bay Community to serve wherever needed.

One of Rev. Jackson’s favorite quotes by Dr. Ernest Holmes can be found on page 282 in the Science of Mind textbook. And he states,

“To Desert the truth in the hour of need is to prove that we do not know the truth”

Rev. Jackson says that his truth is that we each are individualized expressions of spirit and that as such all things are possible. That truly it is done onto us as we believe.

Blessings, And so it is.

Staff Minister

Reverend Badia Cooper

Badia and her family were members of Apostolic Home Assembly, a Pentecostal church in Los Angeles. At the age of 14, Badia realized something within her was crying out for more understanding of who and what she was. She began asking for clarity from the church elders about the Bible but was told by them to just take the Bible word for word, which caused her to lose faith and just go through the motions. At age 17, she began teaching Sunday School to pre-teens and she loved it. Although she did not follow the rules of the Pentecostal church, she had a strong faith and belief in God and a desire to serve. As a young adult, Badia was introduced to Islam. It felt right and she became a Muslim. She took to Islam with the same enthusiasm with which she took to Christianity. “There is only one God that is in and through all things”. This felt like the truth to her.

About thirty-five years ago, Badia walked into a New Thought church. It felt like home to her and spoke to her sprit in a way she had never heard before. They said things she had always thought about but could never articulate into words. After joining East Bay Church of Religious Science, she became a licensed practitioner. In 2010, Badia accepted the calling to become a minister and enrolled in the Barbara King School of Ministry.

Badia has over twenty-five years of experience as a family counselor, and fiscal administrator for non-profits;  is also experienced in  finance, and proposal writing. She has served as chairperson for Season for Nonviolence in Oakland, CA and in Marietta, GA, and founded Women’s Breastfeeding Support Group.

Badia has an AA degree in Social Science from Laney College, Oakland, CA. She attended Mills College, Oakland, CA, and transferred to the UC  Berkeley, where she earned a BA in Psychology.

Badia has four children and seven grandchildren. Her son is a board-certified surgeon specializing in Urology. In 2018, Badia Cooper was ordained as a Minister by the Barbara King School of Ministry.

Staff Minister

Reverend Gil Olmstead

A licensed Agape New Thought/Ageless Wisdom minister and an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Gil is a Spiritual student with a drive to see the world in ever expanding circles of understanding. His Spiritual wanderings have included liberal and conservative Christianity, liturgical and charismatic expressions, and service in denominational and interfaith settings.

Prior to coming to New Thought, Gil served in multiple college and youth ministry positions at local, regional and national levels across denominations as well as 7 years serving as minister of New Spirit! United Methodist Church in Northern California during the 1990’s while attending Fuller Theological Seminary.

In 200o Gil was introduced to New Thought teachings through the Agape International Spiritual Center and Dr. Michael Beckwith in Southern California, where he studied becoming a Religious Science Practitioner in 2004 and minister in 2008. Shortly thereafter Gil and his wife, Robyn, moved to the Bay area where Gil served as Assistant Minister at Oakland Center for Spiritual Living.

In 2013 Live Inspired was born. Gil followed his vision to create a new type of Spiritual Community. This vision continues to unfold as both Gil and Robyn speak at various Spiritual Centers and conferences, teach classes, and lead powerful events for Practitioners, laity and leadership.

For the last two years Gil has also been offering his leadership to BANTER, Bay Area New Thought Evolving and Rising, a vehicle for multiple New Thought centers to connect in community and to create a way to reach into the larger community more effectively together.

Gil brings his broad experience leading groups, developing teams, teaching, management, and speaking to all that he does. Most of all, Gil brings his sincere desire to grow and share his heart in ways that can support anyone walking this path as a fellow-learner.

Rev. Gil currently serves as the Director of the East Bay Youth and Family Ministry.

Staff Minister

Reverend D. Jacquelyn Edwards

Rev. Jacquelyn is an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) Minister. New Thought spiritual journey under Reverend Ernie Forks and was mentored by Reverend Elouise Oliver, right here at East Bay Church of Religious Science.

Over the years she has served in several capacities within Centers for Spiritual Living:

  • Senior Minister/Spiritual Director of First Church of Religious Science, Vallejo from 1/2014 to 6/2019
  • A founding member and Past Chair of the CSL Diversity and Inclusion Commission
  • A member of the CSL Nominating Council
  • An Instructor at Holmes Institute, Santa Rosa and Redondo Beach campuses.
  • She currently a member of the Spiritually Motivated, Socially Engaged Ministry. (SAM)

She believes that the Science of Mind Science philosophy, when coupled with Ancient Wisdom teachings and traditions can serve as a liberation theology; and that East Bay Church is uniquely positioned to lead our movement in the co-creation of  healthy, inclusive, ethnically, socially diverse and economically prosperous communities that celebrate Life.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Relations, a Master’s Degrees in Organization Development and Change and a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies. She looks forward to applying what I have learned to growing the East Bay community. She believes that applied spirituality is a powerful path to prosperity, justice and peace. I look forward to serving East Bay Church of Religious Science.

We are pleased to have Rev. Jacquelyn join our Ecclesiastical Support Team, as our Staff Minister.

Minister Emeritus

Reverend Elouise Oliver, Emeritus

Reverend Dr. Elouise D. Oliver is the Minister Emeritus of the East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, California. Under the leadership of Rev. “E” the Church has grew from 37 members to 1200 members since 1991.

As a spiritual leader, the essence of her ministry is unconditional Love. She teaches that love and forgiveness is the answer to all human discord. Rev E has received numerous awards, honors and recognition and continues to have a tremendous impact on people’s lives around the globe, showing others how to create positive life changes and opportunities to experience greater love and joy.

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