Interim Minister

Reverend Joan Steadman

Pending selection of a Senior Minister. An ordained Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) minister since 1998, Rev. Steadman served as Senior Minister of the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living and was a founding member of the Agape Spiritual Center with Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith. Rev. Joan has been a featured speaker and workshop/retreat facilitator at spiritual centers nationwide. She is committed to cosmic awakening through the power of unconditional love. Her joy is to be a field of pure love in which others awaken to their own magnificence!

revanthony-web1Assistant Minister

Reverend Anthony C. Jackson

Director of our Community Outreach Ministry, including the Prison Ministry. Touched by the words of Rev. Elouise, he embraced Science of Mind teachings and joined East Bay in 1994, becoming an active member and contributor. He became a licensed practitioner in 2004 and received his MA in Consciousness Studies and his ministerial license in 2009. As Assistant Minister, Rev. Anthony continues to surrender to the word of God/Spirit, allowing his steps to be ordered, knowing that divine right action is always operating.


Staff Minister

Reverend Willa Barber Johnson

Director of our Youth and Family Ministry. A licensed Practitioner for almost 25 years, she received her MA in Consciousness

Studies from the Holmes Institute in 2012 and has been a licensed minister since 2013. Rev. Willa was assistant to the Religious Science Youth Director for the Northern California Region and worked with the youth ministries at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living and Heart and Soul Center of Light. Rev. Willa has a natural ability to communicate with youth and is grateful for the opportunity to educate and empower them through Science of Mind.


rev_elouise Minister Emeritus

Reverend Dr. Elouise D. Oliver

Reverend Dr. Elouise D. Oliver is the Minister Emeritus of the East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, California. Under the leadership of Rev. “E” the Church has grew from 37 members to 1200 members since 1991.

As a spiritual leader, the essence of her ministry is unconditional Love. She teaches that love and forgiveness is the answer to all human discord. Rev E has received numerous awards, honors and recognition and continues to have a tremendous impact on people’s lives around the globe, showing others how to create positive life changes and opportunities to experience greater love and joy.

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