Introducing the Senior Minister Candidates

Greetings friends,

We trust that you all are embracing the new year with grace, love and peace. We are super excited to inform you that the Senior Minister Candidating Committee has identified three outstanding Senior Minister candidates for your consideration!

Our finalists are below.

As we approach the final leg of our ministerial search, it is critical that each of you be a part of this process. We ask for your continued prayer and affirmation, your time and your attention as we welcome each of the prospective candidates to our center.

What’s Next

Each candidate has been invited to to join us for a weekend beginning later this month. During the visit, each will meet with various ministries and groups as well as you, the congregation. In addition, each minister will give a Sunday message and follow with an afternoon workshop, so please mark your calendars for the key dates below:

  • February 24 & 25
  • March 3 & 4
  • March 10 & 11, and
  • March 18th

Your Presence

It is important to that every active EBCRS member be present and involved as much as possible during this time. The Saturday receptions will offer an opportunity to meet and freely engage with each candidate. The Sunday service and workshop will give you a chance to see each minister in action. After the Sunday programs, you will be asked to complete an evaluation. This feedback, along with your energy and input will play a critical role in the selection process.

Your Vote

After we have heard from all candidates, we will reconvene at our Annual Meeting to vote for our next Senior Minister. In order to vote, you must be an active member of East Bay Church, having completed Member Orientation, been approved by the Board of Trustees and participated in a noticeable fashion in the last year or so. (see By-Laws Art. III). If you are not sure of your membership status or require an absentee ballot due to illness or travel, please contact our Board Secretary at

Your Commitment

Each minister’s visit will be well publicized. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that EVERYONE participate in the search process. Please make a personal commitment to be fully present and involved in the activities on February 24 & 25, March 3 & 4, March 10 & 11, and March 18th.

Continue to meditate and pray on your desires for our next senior minister as you contemplate our Sacred Prayer:

The highest Purpose of my New Minister is to glorify God, I therefore know that my New Minister is a Revelation of God as WISDOM, I further know that my New Minister is the fulfillment of that which has been promised by God… As I stand in agreement with my beloved Community, I see my New Minister revealed before me as AN EXPRESSION OF DIVINE LOVE IN ACTION. I now intend to experience my New Minister in full cooperation and agreement with my community…

Our Gratitude

It has taken a lot of time, attention and prayerful focus to get us to this point. Our Candidating Committee has gone above and beyond and I thank each of them for their service and commitment. Join me in extending gratitude to the committee members: Amar Casey, Chair, Tina Combs, Precious Green, William Pegg, Sharon Porter, RScP, Richard Scott, RScP and Carol Johnson Williams, RScP.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us as an invigorated, loving and strong church family. Let us come together in knowing that we are divinely guided, that we share a common goal in revealing our right spiritual leader to minister to us. We are Better Together!

We are grateful for your continued support of our spiritual community.

On Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 12:30pm, we will have our Annual Meeting and a Congregational Vote will occur

Reverend Jay Willick

Candidating Weekend: February 24 – 25

February 24: Meet & Greet Reception with Congregation, 5:00pm

February 25: Sunday Service/Workshop 1:00pm

Reverend Jay Willick, The New Thought Guy, is an Ordained Religious Science Minister currently serving as the Assistant Minister and Arts Minister at Global Truth Center L.A. He is in charge of producing plays, musicals and concerts that forward the tenets of New Thought and the Science of Mind. Very active in his Center, he has been a Board of Trustees member, the Administrator, one of the Lead Practitioners and Youth Mentors, and has spoken at many Sunday and Wednesday services. He has also spoken at many New Thought Centers throughout Southern California, in the Pacific Northwest and East Coast.
Rev Jay has years of experience and education in music as a professional singer and actor, in events management, the self-improvement industry, the film and television industry, as well as writing and producing, and teaching metaphysics – filling his toolbox with much to share. He deeply values Ernest Holmes’ tenet to be “open at the top,” fueling his mission to inspire others to live in their greatness; revealing their birthright to love, enjoy and prosper with, as, and through the Divine.

Reverend Celeste Frazier

Candidating weekend: March 3 – 4

March 3: Meet & Greet Reception with Congregation, 11:30am

March 4: Sunday Service/Workshop 1:00pm

Rev. Celeste Frazier began spiritual studies in earnest at Agape International Spiritual Center, became a licensed practitioner and then went on to Holmes Institute, where she received a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies. Rev. Celeste Frazier has been the guest speaker or facilitator at many Religious Science centers, Unity centers and other New Thought centers and has presented at several conferences. Rev. Celeste is an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Rev. Celeste has been the spiritual leader for two CSL centers in Chicago. Celeste facilitated diversity training across the country for Centers for Spiritual Living. A certified visioning coordinator, Celeste teaches visioning in centers, at conventions, for individuals and corporations. Rev. Frazier teaches many other spiritually transformational courses and workshops. She is a concerned community activist. Rev. Celeste has directed outreach ministries to convalescent homes, children’s hospitals, hospices and prisons providing shut-ins with love and light. She has also done community outreach with social justice, violence prevention and peace initiatives in Southern California and in Chicago. Rev. Celeste has written for online publications as well as to Agape’s “Inner Visions,” “Creative Thought” magazine, Creative Thinking and the “Science of Mind Magazine.”

Reverend D. Jacquelyn Edwards

Candidating weekend: March 10 – 11

March 10: Meet & Greet Reception with Congregation, 5:00pm

March 11: Sunday Service/Workshop 1:00pm

Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards has been a licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 1996, she graduated from the Holmes Institute in 2014. She loves teaching, and has taught certificated SOM classes from Foundational through Practitioner II studies. Rev. Edwards currently serves as Spiritual Director of the First Church of Religious Science in Vallejo, California. After 20 years of service with the City of Oakland, Rev. Jacquelyn founded Platinum Butterfly Ministries, “to pollinate the spiritual nectar of individuals, groups and organizations” – work drawing on her collegiate emphasis in Organizational Change and her present life-emphasis in Spiritual Living.

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