Expanding Our Spiritual Consciousness by Practicing Spiritual Principles


Facilitators: Rev. Badia Cooper, Rev. Anthony Jackson, and Rev. Gil Olmstead

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Join Revs. Anthony, Badia and Gil for this multifaceted class where they will share their unique perspectives, experience and personalities as guides to charting a new principle-based path.

We each have a story that we tell ourselves about our lives. As we move through our lives, we began to identify with the experiences that shape our stories. We begin to see them as a part of us. Our conscious mind seems to keep us consistent with the definition we created by repeating the same story over and over again within us. Sometimes we hear the story in our minds and sometimes it runs in the background. We tell our stores to others, keeping them tuned into our reality. These story’s express what we believe about ourselves and life’s inner workings. 

The stories stick around us because they are always running in our mental programs. It’s a terrible cycle of story, response, same often unwanted results. Everything we have or don’t have and everything we achieve is a response to the stories we tell ourselves. The ways we think, feel and act always align with our story. Sometimes these stories rob us of our ability to move toward our goals. 

So, if you want your life to change then you will need to create a new story. You do this by telling yourself how you want your life to be and repeating it over and over, until you begin to believe it’s true. This is what creates a shift in our thinking, emotions and behavior. As you began to repeat your new desirable story, you will see how it begins to shift your automatic thinking and behaviors. You will find yourself on the path to new success.

Join us as we share tools you can use to draft your new story of self. This workshop will use the five foundational principles of New Thought to teach you how to change the stories we tell ourselves about our self. 

  1. The Omnipresence of God
  2. The Divinity of Humankind
  3. The Power and Value of Thought or thinking
  4. Practicing the presence
  5. The law of Demonstration

Facilitators: Rev. Badia Cooper, Rev. Anthony Jackson, and Rev. Gil Olmstead

When: Saturday August 8

Time: 10:00am -12:00pm

Investment: Love offering

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