Every Step Counts… Run, Don’t Walk

Every Step Counts… Run, Don’t Walk

Instructor Reverend Judy-Ann Young

February 24, 2019

We sometimes think the little things don’t matter. But every small step leads you to some-thing bigger. In this workshop we will explore the power of “taking small steps” and how they can bypass fear and leads you to your heart’s desire. Reverend Judy-Ann has walked on the Great Wall of China, integrated the North Slope Oil Field of Alaska and swung on a ladder through the Rain Forest of Ghana West Africa; each of her journeys began with a small Step. In this workshop you will learn to Walk until you can Run.



About the Facilitator

Reverend Judy-Ann Davis Young is a native Alaskan. After spending over 23 years working for BP oil on the trans-Alaska pipeline, where she was a poster child for women in non-traditional roles, Young hung up her hardhat and steel-toe boots and relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Eddie Young. Reverend Judy-Ann has a BA degree in Human Resources & Education from Alaska Pacific University and a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute. Young is a Renaissance woman who has gazed upon the vastness of the Grand Canyon and ridden her motorcycle across 32 states to raise money for breast cancer research. All of her personal experiences support her life purpose of inspiring and coaching others to awaken to their inherent knowledge and to align with their own unique unlimited potential.

Facilitator: Reverend Judy-Ann Young

When: February 24, 2019

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Investment: $25.00 Suggested Love Offering 

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