From Conflict to Connection

From Conflict to Connection

How to Communicate Collaboratively

Facilitator Kiran Patel, M.A., C.Y.T.

Saturdays September 21 through October 12







Are you sometimes unsatisfied in your conversations?

Not understood?

Or have no idea where the other person is coming from?

Maybe you feel your needs don’t matter… Or are you at a loss for finding win-win solutions? Come learn keys to better navigate challenges with others. You will find your power when difficult emotions take over—and understand how to create a heart connection so that your conflicts dissolve and get resolved. This hands-on workshop is based in Marshall Rosenberg’s internationally-used Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process. We will practice with personal situations, leaving you feeling relieved and hopeful. You will leave…

  • Versed in the four core components of the NVC process (observation, feelings, needs, requests)
  • Resourced to strategically navigate a challenging conversation using the two key NVC approaches (empathy and expression)
  • Equipped to recognize inner reactions that block heart-connection and shift them to an open-heart

About the Facilitator

Kiran Patel has extensive experience with Nonviolent Communication, including completing a year-long NVC leadership program in 2003. Kiran earned her M.A. in Social Psychology. She is certified in mediation, advanced yoga teaching and Metta Center’s Nonviolence Studies. Kiran’s workshops have reached thousands internationally.

Working with Kiran has made things click into place again and again, and I’ve drawn on the skills I’ve learned from her many times in my personal and professional life.

~ J. Dyer, San Francisco, CA

Facilitator: Kiran Patel, M.A., C.Y.T.

When: Saturdays September 21 through October 12 from 10:00am -1:00pm

Investment: $100 (cost is $80 for those who also attend the NVC workshop)

Text Book: “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg

Textbook can be purchased in our bookstore or bring your copy

Where: East Bay Church of Religious Science Sanctuary
4130 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

For more information call 510.420.1003

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