Pray Without Ceasing

Affirmative Prayer Intensive


Instructors: Rev. Anthony Jackson, Rev. Badia Cooper, Rev. Champion Fleming and the EBCRS Practitioners

Saturday October 30, 2020





This workshop is open to the public, to Prayer Symposium participants as well as students enrolled in Foundations and The Power of Your Word. We will engage in an intensive study and practice of affirmative prayer for individual and social transformation. At such a time as this we are called to pray without ceasing and so we will deepen and magnify our prayer practice.

As a participant, you will engage in strategies to direct your intention and focus on your true desires.

When: Saturday October 30 from 10:00am – 12:30pm

Investment: $25 Love offering (Included in the cost of the Prayer Symposium, Foundations and Power of Your Word classes)

Open to all and co-Presented by the Prayer Symposium, Foundations Class and The Power of Your Word Class

Register online at or at church


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