Monthly Community Visioning

Monthly Community Visioning

Monthly Community Visioning

Monthly Community Visioning sessions are here.

“Visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see, and catch God’s plan for our life or for any particular project. “… we’re not here to tell God what to do or to ask God for things but to absolutely be available for what God is already doing, to open ourselves up to catch what’s already happening.”

~ Dr. Michael Beckwith

We can vision for every area of life but our monthly visioning on the first Sunday of the month is for the highest and best for East Bay Church of Religious Science! Here, we vision for youth and family ministry, music, leadership, our buildings and properties, our bookstore, our practitioners, education and more!

Please do not confuse visioning with visualizing. While treasure mapping is valuable for getting what you desire in the material realm, there is much more for us to realize in the spirit realm. Rather than giving God a list of the things that we want, we use our spiritual muscle to hear what God wants us to be, do and then have. And by “hear”,  I mean truly listen to that which is for our highest and best good.

Join us for our monthly community visioning sessions, now held on the first Sunday after service at 1 pm, And let your Divine Voice be heard!

When: The first Sunday of each month

Time: 1:00pm to 3:00 pm

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