Multi-Dimensional You Workshop

Multi-Dimensional You Workshop

Conscious Conversationz “Multi-dimensional You” Workshop with Reverend Vionela Vaughn-Austin

Sunday May 5

Body, Mind, Energy, Spirit

Through Conscious Conversationz we have an opportunity to tap into our Unlimited, Authentic Self who feels, thinks, experiences and creates. Join me and discover your own personal touchstone to your Authentic Self! It is already within you.

In this afternoon together, you will experience the following through Conscious Conversationz:

1. Understand how your mental, energetic and subtle bodies impact your life experiences.

2. Discover the tools that help you activate and integrate your access to the innate forces within you.

3. Realize what is already true about you and tap into the power to consciously create your life.

When: Sunday May 5

Time: 1pm – 3pm


East Bay Church of Religious Science Sanctuary
4130 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland CA 94609

Please contact us for more information.

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