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November Book of the Month | EBCRS

November Book of the Month

November Book of the Month

Divine Work Play: 52 Weeks of Practicing the Presence

By Reverend Celeste A. Frazier

Are you more spiritual or more religious? Are you interested in trying a variety of spiritual practices? Are you curious about different faiths and their tenets? Divine Work Play offers awakenings, focus and reminders about your spiritual identity. Using an open hearted guidance, the author guides readers to understanding the power within and uplifting you. The book is inspiring and offers you great insight into a variety of faiths and spiritual practices. As a practical guide for spiritual practice, you have the opportunity to explore and adopt new spiritual practices and to examine eternal spiritual truths. Celeste A. Frazier offers you a simple practice guideline from the human experience into your divinity. She even offers you fun exercises while laying down some ancient wisdom. This book has something for everyone who has a spiritual appetite or even an agnostic curiosity. This is not just your grandmother’s religion, it’s contemporary spirituality at its best! Read it today!



About the Author

Celeste A. Frazier is the Spiritual Leader of East Bay Church of Religious Science. Celeste wrote over a dozen scripts for the stage, television and film. Celeste worked with Her script “A Dream Deferred” garnered an award from the Black American Cinema Society and is available in the Special Collections of the Los Angeles Public Library. Her poetry, short stories and essays have been published in various publications over the years. Celeste is an ordained Religious Science minister who has pastored two other communities. She is a visioning facilitator, a social activist and a diversity trainer. Rev. Celeste’s book entitled “In Spirit, In Love” is composed of some of her spiritual poetry and spiritual essays, and is also available on Amazon.com. Celeste has been a contributing writer to several e-zines and spiritual magazines. She blogs on her site celestefrazier.com

You can purchase the book at the EBCRS Bookstore, or buy from Amazon, below:

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