Prayer Support During Shelter in Place

Prayer Support During Shelter in Place

Prayer Support During Shelter in Place

Need support? Licensed Practitioners are here to support you.

Our wonderful practitioners Debora Truso, RScP, Brenda King Randle, RScP, Kimberly Satterfield, RScP, and Rev. Badia Cooper are offering prayer support to anyone who desires it.

Debora Truso, RScP Emeritus




Brenda King Randle, RScP Emeritus




Rev. Badia Cooper




Richard Scott, RScP




Kimberly Satterfield, RScP




A prayer for each of us from Debora Truso, RScP Emeritus

“There is one life, it is the life of God, I speak my word for myself and the world. I declare that God’s wisdom, intelligence and love guides each of us during this time: doctors, caregivers, politicians, all the powers that be, all people are divinely guided. We are reminded that we are one people. I declare that we move through this time with God’s grace and poise releasing fear to faith and trusting in God’s presence in us as us.

The goodness that God is reveals itself in spite of this experience, our faith is strong as we surrender to the ultimate truth that Divine Wisdom is at work handling all the details and our ultimate victory is at hand. We walk through this experience more connected to truth, love, family, and what is ultimately important, our common humanity. I give thanks for the support that is given to current victims, to the cure, to the love that is shared and to the blessed change that is occurring as a result. May God bless us all.”

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