Dear East Bay Community:

Arleen King, RScP

As we approach this year’s annual meeting, I want to thank the congregation for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Board President. This is my third experience as president and I have learned to appreciate more the dedication of board members, minsters, practitioners and congregants and the effort everyone puts into keeping the church running as smoothly as it does.

There were two themes that I held in my heart over the course of 2017. They were We’re Better Together and the idea of A New Territory. Both seem to fit my journey as Board President. It’s clear that we are better together as evident in all that was accomplished in 2017.

Together we shared ideas that would most effective way to meet our missions goal of transforming the planet, one of the decision was to move to one service. This change has created a greater atmosphere of community and fellowship. (and eat a lot food) Our successful launch of our intentional giving campaign, where several members set their intentions around financially supporting our vision and mission. The generosity of time given in service to the EBCRS community through our Sacred Service Ministries. Our openness and acceptance of the 32 amazing speakers who gave lovingly from their hearts. Each speaker demonstrated a deep connection with our community. We were blessed with more than 200 hundred first time guest who entered our space, some were just passing through and others came to stayed. We’ve had an awesome year and there is more to come.

The New Territory is truly something I’ve never seen or thought imaginable. Dealing with plumbing issues, property management, leaking roofs, and a host of other challenges has made me appreciate the opportunity to serve. It has been our strength and our way. At any given moment, we could have given up, but we didn’t and the universe always said yes, when we chose to see the best.

As we enter into a new season, it is with great excitement that we hold the intention in welcoming our new Sr. Minister. We affirm and know that the right and perfect person is being called forth. The excitement of what’s possible has become viral in our community. We have done what was ours to do and now we release and let go.

I’m grateful for your love and commitment to this community and most grateful for your prayers.

Blessings to you all.

Lovingly submitted:

Arleen King, Board President

Favorite Quote: “We’ve Come this far by Faith”


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