Sacred Beginnings and Endings

Sacred Beginnings and Endings

Sacred Beginnings and Endings

November 17

How we begin and end things in our lives plays an important part in the quality of our lives. If we leave things unsettled and fraught with past hurts, pains, and disappointments, we are likely to take these qualities into our next experiences causing a graveyard of despair underneath the surface, often times deep within on a subconscious level.

This workshop provokes closure in areas that we have unfinished business. This workshop creates a safe and sacred environment that nurtures the space of healing. In community, we will actively engage spiritual practice through an experiential sacred process of ritual and ceremony so that we can cleanly launch new beginnings and bring proper closure to endings, such as new relationships, marriage, divorce, retirement, new home, changing careers, weight loss, death or birth of any kind, etc. You name it, you decide. Bring your journal and an open and willing heart as we move through this beautiful process of sacred release. This will be a shoeless experience.

The intention is for participants to leave this workshop renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated from within.

About Reverend Sunshine Michelle Coleman

Reverend Sunshine Michelle Coleman is a licensed and ordained CSL minister. She is the Founding Community Leader of Authenticity Journey of Renewal (AJOR), a CSL-affiliated Focus Ministry. She has been in New Thought for almost four decades and is an experienced facilitator and known sacred space convener. Reverend Sunshine Michelle is passionate about being a catalyst for authentic self-expression, particularly within people of social identity and difference, which is the subject of her doctoral research. She is a seasoned human resources leader and a native of the California Bay Area. Visit AJOR at

When: Saturday November 17

Time: 10am to 12pm at East Bay Church of Religious Science
4130 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609

Suggested Donation: $10 – $25 sliding scale

Contact East Bay Church if you would like more information
Tel: 510.420.1003

Everyone welcome to attend

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