CHOIR-2Sacred Service Ministries

Helping our church, local community, and the world


Come join members and friends of East Bay in fun and fulfilling activities that are transforming Oakland and the global community. From our fabulous choir and improving our health & wellness, to supporting our children, your help will make all the difference in the world!

To get  information about volunteering, please reach out to the contact listed or feel free to connect with the church office via email at or call the church office at (510) 420-1003.

General Volunteers/Sacred Service Angels Ministry

Bookstore & Recordings Ministry

Our in-house bookstore sells Science of Mind literature along with other spiritual and personal growth books, magazines, audio materials, and other items. Stop by  the avoid/visual table before or after services to let the team know about your interest in volunteering.

Community Outreach Ministry

Our goal is to expand the consciousness of love and unity through prayer, direct support and service. In the past year, we were blessed to create many opportunities to provide service.


Education Ministry

Rev Willa Barber Johnson


Expansion: “The act of creating something in size, number or importance”

This committee is charged with creating the vision for EBCRS medium and long-term growth to include but not limited to increasing revenue generation activities within existing facilities, highest and best uses of church assets, properties for the economic long term stability of the EBCRS mission, within and beyond its existing community(s). The church’s expansion is limited only by the missed opportunities of the ideas, brainstorms, and engagement of our church membership input and support.   This committee welcomes your ideas, comments, suggestions to expand the consciousness, vision of our mission.

“The Master Mind Principle” when two minds come together, a third mind is created that neither mind create on its own.

Bill Randle

Health & Wellness Ministry

The mission of the EBCRS Health & Wellness Ministry is to promote healthy lifestyle choices and practices to enhance the quality of life for congregants. The Health and Wellness Ministry meets on the third Monday of every month at 6:30pm.


Licensed Spiritual Practitioner Ministry

The role of the Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is to help individuals make changes in their lives by making changes in their consciousness.


Membership Ministry

Music Ministry

The music ministry is committed to the opening of the heart through soulful, heartfelt and spiritual song.


Pastoral Care Ministry

The purpose of the East Bay Church Pastoral Care ministry is to spiritually assist our community in knowing the Truth when faced with a life-changing event. The ministry offers prayer and emotional support and practical support to individuals and families facing challenges with health, finances, death and dying, and other areas of life.


Prayer Ministry

Prison Ministry

We are dedicated to supporting, empowering individuals by uplifting all impacted by incarceration with dignity, respect and love. Our goal is to serve as a safe and non-judgmental space to support positive new beginnings. We serve as a beacon of light sharing resource information to all transitioning from incarceration to their communities, by providing information on employment, housings, medical, food pantries, counseling and other resources.

Reverend Anthony C. Jackson

Special Events Ministry

Amar Casey

Youth & Family Ministry

The mission of the Youth Ministry is to empower our children and provide a solid spiritual foundation for their success in the world.


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