The Ministry of Care

Spiritually assisting our community in times of great challenge

The Pastoral Care ministry offers affirmative prayer and spiritual support to our congregants and their families by knowing the Truth of wholeness when faced with life-changing events.

Through the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment, we assist individuals in mentally releasing attachments to medical diagnosis, chronic illness, and other physical conditions. We honor the medical profession and offer Spiritual Mind treatment as a supplement to medical treatment.

We offer compassionate comfort and spiritual assistance to families before, during, and after the physical transition of a loved one. We offer assistance with planning and officiating memorials and/or funerals, internment and disposition of ashes. We are present for individuals to listen, talk, pray and share expressions of love and support.

Through sacred ritual, we give voice to life’s joyous occasions such as the arrival of newborns, marriages and unions, home/new residence blessings, scholastic achievements and other joy filled occasions!

We welcome new volunteers to this ministry of compassionate caring.







For pastoral care support, please contact:
Reverend Anthony Jackson
(510) 381-4343

Kimberly Satterfield supports Pastoral Care with Rev. Anthony.
Kimberly Satterfild
(510) 410-4067

Immediate & Ongoing Grief Support

Grief is a profound sense of loss. If you are anticipating or coping with a significant loss in your life and wish to better understand the grief that accompanies such loss, we offer support. Our Grief Support Team welcomes everyone into a safe, loving and confidential space for sharing, comfort and prayer. Let us assist you in moving through this journey to express and release the feelings which may accompany grief.

Facilitated by licensed practitioners:

Helen Anderson, RScP – (925) 439-1980

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