Youth & Family Ministry

Empowering youth and providing a solid spiritual foundation

Exciting things are taking place in Youth & Family Ministry!

Our Youth & Family Ministry team is expanding and growing and lots of wonderful things are unfolding….

We have a wonderful team of facilitators, assistants, snack angels and administrative support for our youth ministry. The Youth and Family Ministry is staffed with Stacey Saadiq, Fabiana Crenshaw, Sharon Nichols, Dr. Cynthia Chang and Sherri Grier. We also have vigil holders and snack angels like Luverne Taylor and Marjorie Ford and additional support by Jaliza Eagles. And we’re expecting more who are on the way.

  • Parents/Guardians, please bring your youth to the youth space (behind the pulpit) and sign them in. Our program informally begins at 9:55 am for parents of youth who would like to enjoy the Meditation Service at 10:00am. We formally begin our youth program at 10:30am.
  • The teens are currently meeting in the Rev. E building on the first floor but all youth must be signed in at the youth space behind the pulpit! We know the teens will continue showing up to create the Teen Group they want to experience.

The Youth & Family Ministry joins the congregation towards the end of the service. This is a wonderful opportunity for the youth to share the lesson theme and affirmation for the day, how they’ll incorporate into their lives, related creative expression projects, and possibly highlight upcoming events.

We are grateful for the what’s unfolding and expanding as we have said “Yes!” to a budding and blossoming vision for and as our Youth & Family Ministry at East Bay Church.

Please join us in welcoming our new co-directors Rev. Gil Olmstead and Sherri Grier, RScP.

We encourage parents to bring your children to Sunday Morning services. The programs are designed for our young people. In our youth program your child(ren) will enjoy a program specially designed to fit his or her age and needs. Our children’s program is available  10:30am every Sunday.

We look forward to having your families as part of the Youth and Family Ministry.

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