Youth & Family Ministry

Empowering youth and providing a solid spiritual foundation

Exciting things are taking place in Youth & Family Ministry!

Our Youth & Family Ministry team is expanding and growing and lots of wonderful things are unfolding….

Rev. Willa Barber Johnson has recently been appointed Director of Youth & Family. She is excited about this new service opportunity and grateful to be in co-leadership with Fabiana Crenshaw and Hope Anderson, both women have tons of related and valuable experience. This dynamic trio are dedicated and committed to our youth and growing our youth ministry and are collectively creating something wonderful!

– Y&FM has recently relocated to the Rev E building. Parents/Guardians, please bring your youth to the 1st floor and sign them in. Our program informally begins at 10:55am for parents of youth who would like to enjoy the Meditation Service at 11:00am. We formally begin our youth program at 11:30am.

– The teens now have a newly created space just for them on the top floor!We look forward to the teens showing up to create the Teen Group they want to experience.

– We want to send our teens to Centers for Spiritual Living Teen Camp in July! 15th-22nd in Idyllwild, CA! ! Look for more details on this soon and lots of fundraisers for you to participate in!

– Beginning Sunday, March 26th, the Youth & Family Ministry joined  the congregation towards the end of the service. This is a wonderful opportunity for the youth to share the lesson theme and affirmation for the day, how they’ll incorporate into their lives, related creative expression projects, and possibly highlight upcoming events.

We are grateful for the what’s unfolding and expanding as we have said “Yes!” to a budding and blossoming vision for and as our Youth & Family Ministry at East Bay Church.

Ask Rev. Willa How you can help send our youth to

Centers for Spiritual Living Teen Camp in July! 15th-22nd in Idyllwild, CA

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