Luretha Senyo-Mensah, RScP

Luretha Senyo-Mensah, RScP

Greetings Beloveds!! I have been a Practitioner at East Bay since 2012. I have studied World Religions, including African-based Spiritual Systems, for a long time. I received my BA in Religious Studies at UC Santa Cruz and spent a year studying Theology at the Pacific School of Relgion, in Berkeley.

I am an educator, with classroom teaching credentials and an MA in Education. I have taught youth in public school classroom settings. I currently work with adults who are re-entering the education process at different points.

I have traveled in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America and throughout the United States. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. All of these experiences have made me keenly aware of the interconnectedness of the human spirit and conscious of the “One” the “Divine Presence” behind it all. This awareness is how I move in the world.



Phone: 510.757.6796


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