Spiritual coaching and prayer

By Licensed Spiritual Practitioners

The role of the Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is to help individuals make changes in their lives by making changes in their consciousness. The fundamental tool of the practitioner is a form of affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Practitioners are specifically trained to shift consciousness on behalf of and for the individual through the use of this tool.

The effectiveness of Spiritual Mind Treatment is based on the fundamental law of the Universe that all true and lasting change takes place as a result of a shift in consciousness. A Practitioner facilitates this shift by assisting the individual in adopting new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes. As beliefs, perspectives and attitudes change, new conditions and situations are naturally attracted into the individual’s life.

East Bay has more than 50 licensed Practitioners who are easily recognized at church by their purple clergy stoles. These dedicated prayer ambassadors are always ready to pray with you. Practitioners are also licensed to conduct a form of spiritual coaching during what’s called a practitioner session. The purpose of a session is to experience a healing revelation of spiritual Truth around any circumstance.

Many people call upon a Practitioner only in time of stress, while others work with their Practitioner regular

ly to continue to grow in spiritual understanding. The relationship between you and your Practi

tioner is one of complete confidentiality.

Contact information for our Licensed Practitioners can be DOWNLOADED HERE and a list is also available on Sunday mornings at the Welcome Table. Each Practitioner also has a photograph and business card displayed on the wall near the Sanctuary.


If you would like to submit a Prayer Request, you can do so using the form below or you can complete a form at church and drop it in the prayer request box. Our Practitioners will surround the request prayer for at least 30 days.


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